Burnout & Stress

Back to a life full of energy

Have you been working too hard or functioning under stressful conditions for too long? Are you sitting at home right now; stressed, tired, irritable and maybe a little anxious? Or do you suffer from insomnia, fretting and depressed feelings?

Burnout is a severe reaction of the body to prolonged stress. It’s often a tipping point in your life, where different specialists help you get your life back together. Acupuncture can also make an important contribution to your recovery in this regard.

Don’t have burnout (yet), but are you experiencing an unhealthy level of stress? If so, acupuncture can also help prevent burn out.

Why Acupuncture for Burnout?

Burnout is often an intense breaking point in a person’s life. In the first phase there is stress with additional physical symptoms such as palpitations, hyperventilation and or sleep problems. Extreme fatigue, sadness, anxiety symptoms and depressive feelings are also common. This is intense enough, but after some time, the thread must be picked up. This does not usually happen naturally. The road back from burnout is a process of trial and error, of steps forward and steps back, of peaks and valleys. Of setting new boundaries, and yet crossing them again.

Acupuncture can make an important contribution in the process of burn out back to a life full of energy. In the first stage, an acupuncturist analyzes the body and the underlying cause of the symptoms. Usually the levels of the stress hormone cortisol have been way too high for a long time and the adrenal glands are working overtime. Therefore, treatment at that time focuses on reducing the worst stress and fatigue.

During the build-up phase, acupuncture treatment is all about balancing the body and mind. In doing so, the physical and mental side as well as lifestyle are included in the treatment. We also pay attention to the steps forward and the setbacks, which unfortunately are often part of the process. For example, acupuncture offers great support in recovery from burnout. By the way, acupuncture is also proven effective in preventing burnout.

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