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About Acupuncture Benissa

I am acupuncturist Ineke Kubinek – Feldmann and the face behind Acupuncture practice Benissa. In my practice, everyone is welcome! Whether you are uncomfortable physically or emotionally, I will help you with great drive and passion to get rid of your symptoms and return to a life full of energy.

I was trained as a nurse and took several medical courses in the Netherlands. During my training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCG), I specialized in pain complaints, sports injuries, burnout/stress, fatigue and menopause complaints. Additionally, I am also qualified in dry needling.

Because of my personal experience and broad background, I experience daily how powerful the combination of both mainstream Western and Eastern medicine is. Because of this, it offers me so many more opportunities to treat complaints very specifically and with the right approach in both acupuncture and dry needling.

Want more information? Please feel free to contact me at 06 – 417 650 56. Or leave a message and I will contact you, without obligation.

I am happy to help you.

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